Before & After

Here are just some of the great stories that I have to share with you about what clients have accomplished with my program.

Kerry came to me for personal sessions in 08. He lost 40 pounds and has kept it off! Yay Kerry!!

Pam lost her weight over 4 years ago and maintains it by weighing in at least twice a month. She looks great huh?

Ebun is P.A. for Dr. Brodders (who also lost weight with me). They both support Deb’s Diet. Ebun has such a crazy hectic schedule that if a few pounds creep back on, she’s back in class. What a difference weight loss can make!!

Janet wrote this on her Facebook wall: If you need to lose a few pounds or many….try Deb @ 4 Health’s Sake! It takes patience, persistence, and attending coaching sessions – but it WORKS! Luv ya, Deb!

I am so proud of Gary. He has lost over 70 pounds and gained a girlfriend.

Dr. Miller signed on for personal sessions with me. He eats out a lot! We’ve joked that we should write a book titled ‘EAT OUT EVERY MEAL AND LOSE WEIGHT’. He is still losing. I’ll keep you posted.

Alayne is retired from District 118. While she was at East Park (Principal) she attended weekly classes I held there. That must of been over 3 years ago…and she has maintained her loss ever since.

Danguole has lost and maintained her weight for over 3 years. She still attends weekly classes to make sure that the weight she lost won’t find her!

Smitty always comes to class….in fact he opens up my 10 class on thursday since I maybe a tad late from leaving Charlottes. Smitty also happens to be a family friend forever. My kids called him ‘Uncle Spitty’.

Helen came to me and lost her weight. Helen came back to me with her weight back on. Helen now has the weight back off and has kept it off for 4 years. What made the difference? Now she tries never to miss her weekly meeting for her weigh in.

Cheryl lost her weight with another program and came to me because she wanted to maintain it for life. Generic diets may help you lose but lack when it comes to a maintenance plan. So many lose only to gain it all back and more. NOT CHERYL!

I had worked with Jennie before when I was with a Big Business Weight Loss company. Even though she tried hard and followed their plan, she didn’t have any long term success. After I administered her metabolic measurement we found that she had a fast metabolism. The other program just didn’t give her enough to eat. Once she had her zone there was no stopping her. She has maintained her weight for over 6 years and lends a hand when I need help with classes.

Becky has lost 40 pounds with me. She had a School reunion coming up and wanted to lose the weight before then. She did and was the envy of the party I’m sure.

Gabe is also my son. I am so proud of him! He decided the time was right for him to get the weight off. He is so much happier buying size large tee shirts instead of 2x. And I think he looks pretty hot…:)

Steve has lost 65 pounds and look like a totally different person. He feels so much better now and has a lot more energy. He and wife Lisa have a very active lifestyle with a young son. Lisa has lost 35 pounds with me.

Terry has lost 140 pounds!!!! Wow!!?Terry started with personal sessions then blended into classes. She never misses her accountability. It’s taken Terry 2 years to lose this but she feels it was worth every minute. I’ll keep you updated as she is still losing.

Pat has lost over 60 pounds and has kept it off for over 3 years. How? She comes to her meeting every week for 5$

Anne has lost 40 pounds. She has maintained for over 2 years. Her secret? She still comes to her weigh in meeting every week. Even though you are a lifetime member when you join with me, once you get to your goal you only have to pay 5$ per meeting!

Chrisi has lost 65 pounds. She never misses a meeting. In fact she even helps me with classes when I’m out of town.

Laura has lost 65 pounds! She works at North Street Salon and Spa. She is an expert in permanent makeup as well as a stylist. She also does eyelash extensions…my favorite (besides my permanent makeup and hair  ) extensions.